ECHT is privileged to work with dynamic young experts in Urban Planning, Environmental Sanitation and Waste Management.

About us..

ECHT over the past years has been involved in researching into various aspects of environmental, health safety and waste management in an attempts to find innovative, efficient, cost effective and sustainable ways of addressing environmental menace we are confronted with as a continent.

ECHT relies on research and development as a tool to deploy innovative solutions towards achieving sustainability and net zero emissions through cleaner production.

As a company we have worked and shared experience with Dolpin Coast Landfills Management (DCLM) in Durban, South Africa, Seelive Technologies India, Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), KLIK Foundation, EDF(Environment Defense Fund) etc to deliver technologically oriented environmental solutions that meets international standards.

ECHT Environmental Services exist to provide technical support through sensor/IOT technology to both regulators and industries for sustainable management of the environment.

Over the past years through our international partner Seelive Technologies have executed various projects for Government Water, Sanitation and Environmental agencies in India.

ECHT in partnership with Seelive has also executed various projects in Ghana under EPA guidelines for industries such as GHACEM, BOST, Akwaaba Oil Refinery, PUMA Energy, Newmont Ghana, Guiness Ghana, etc. ECHT has executed these projects by leveraging on sensor technology which provided accurate data to both regulator and industry players in real time.

our vision

To strategically position ECHT Environmental Solutions as one of the leading Environmental service providers within the integrated waste resources management space in Ghana and beyond

our mission

To provide innovative, efficient and cost effective integrated waste resources management in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

our core values

Innovation Leadership Responsiveness Respect

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years of experience
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